Interview by Todd C. Ream

Evidence of God's Providence

A conversation with D. Michael Lindsay.

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My own professional path had a number of different detours; in the moment it felt as if I had never gotten far enough down one path before I was going in another direction. I was an English major in college. I worked in the corporate world in IT. I went to Princeton Seminary, then worked for the world's preeminent polling firm, then went to Oxford and studied theology with Alister McGrath. But then I changed tracks yet again and pursued a PhD in sociology, having taken one undergraduate course in sociology, and wound up in a tenure-track position at Rice, where I started a leadership center. All those different paths have perfectly prepared me for this particular experience, and in each of them I felt real confidence that God had led me in that moment.

My hunch is that there are readers of Books & Culture who are asking, God, what are you doing at this moment? They have an opportunity that they feel led to, but they don't understand how it fits in, or they thought they would be going down one path their entire life and it doesn't work out that way. I want to encourage people to earnestly seek God in those opportunities that come along the way. And frankly to have the courage and the confidence to pursue them. I am so grateful that I have had the chance to be here at Gordon for this past year. It's changed my life in all good ways. I pray more fervently and more deeply now than I ever have in my entire life, and I find the work to be as fulfilling as anything I've ever done. I truly cannot imagine getting to do more intellectually engaging work than I undertake in this role. And I've had a chance to become part of a community that I absolutely love. My hope is that I could simply be a signpost: be open to opportunities that God can use for great good in your own life.

Todd C. Ream serves on the honors faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University.

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