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Harold Smith

Historic Giving!

The historic expression of support for Books & Culture continues. Over the course of this year, in excess of $800K in cash and pledges have been made by you, the readers, for not only the current year but for the next five years! (That's right. We have pledges for 2018!)

I know I sound redundant when I again say, "Amazing!" But truly, words escape me in describing your generosity.

Your extraordinary commitment to us strengthens all the more our strong commitment to you that the coming year of B&C will not only offer what you've come to expect from this esteemed publication, but provide new content formats (notably on the web) that we hope will make B&C's award-winning content even more accessible.

It is because of you that we can now think in these ministry-expanding ways. And for those of you who continue to ask how you can join this community of support, please click the box below and then consider a year-end gift. Your tax-deductible donation will further fuel the amazing momentum already underway, and position B&C for its most strategic years of ministry yet.

Harold Smith
President and CEO

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